Conditions Treated


Do you suffer from involuntary and repetitive shaking movements? You might be suffering from tremors. Normally occurring in the head and hands, it can also show up at any place on the body. If you think you are suffering from tremors, contact DSP Health System for help.

Types of Tremors

  • Parkinson’s tremors: These types of tremors are a symptom of Parkinson’s disease. The motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease result from the death of cells in the substantia nigra, a region of the midbrain, which results in less than enough dopamine occurring in these areas. This causes problems with movement throughout the body, which can manifest itself in tremors. In order to treat these tremors, the problems behind Parkinson’s must be treated.
  • Essential tremors: These types of tremors are the most common and sometimes hereditary in nature. The exact cause of an Essential tremor is unknown, although the movements are traced back to issues in the nervous system. Unlike Parkinson’s, where tremors are likely to occur when the body is at rest, Essential tremors more commonly occur when the body is engaged in activity.
  • Physiological tremor: These types of tremors are unassociated with a specific neurological disorder or condition, and typically occur after strenuous physical activity, or after ingestion of caffeine or other stimulants. These tremors are sometimes managed with beta blockers.

What to Do if You are Suffering from Tremors

Tremors are very serious and can significantly impede your ability to live a normal life. Contact DSP Health System if you are having tremors and one of our medical professionals will discuss possible treatment options with you.